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Here you will find information about Tonsupa and products from Ecuador like Chocolate, vegetal ivory and handicrafts. You may also find rooms for rent in Quito and Tonsupa. In this site we use both Spanish and English in a mix mode.

Aquí usted encontrará información sobre Tonsupa en particular sobre bienes raíces, lugares donde divertirse, donde hospedarse y donde comer. Estamos en proceso de mejorar y ampliar el sitio y sus sugerencias, comentarios e información es bienvenida. Si desea publicar alguna propiedad o promocionar algún negocio estamos a sus órdenes.

Tonsupa is small town located about 20 Km south of Esmeraldas the capital of Esmeraldas Province in the north of Ecuador. Esmeraldas has several beautiful beaches right on the Pacific such as Atacames, Sua, Same and Muisne.

If you come and visit, you will enjoy fresh seafood like the famous ceviches, tropical fruits like papayas, guanabanas, bananas, and if you like the night life Atacames and Tonsupa have many bars where young people dance and party into the morning hours. During the day and particularly during the holidays and school brake you can ride boats, jet skies, swim and surf. The beaches are fairly crowded and the end of December and during Carnival and Easter and also during the school brake in the Andes which go from June to August. You can find accommodations that range from as little as ten dollars to more than one hundred dollars per night. Meals fluctuate between five and ten dollars.

In general people are friendly and they will try to help you. However, you should avoid walking alone on the beach either too early in the morning or when the sun sets. It is better to walk with a group of other people. During holidays it is safer because the authorities patrol the beaches and there are more people around. Street delinquency is something the authorities need to work on much more.

Tonsupa has grown tremendously but the authorities need to set limits to the construction density and to the elevation of the buildings being constructed. Today there are 12 story towers and now 16 story ones are being built, which are basically creating a concrete wall along Tonsupa’s beach. Esmeraldas's beauty stems from the fact that the green of its hills and valleys always kissed the blue-green of the sea and that needs to be preserved.